Imnavait Cr sites are prepared for winter


The Ridge and Fen stations were prepared for their fifth winter season of year-round eddy covariance measurements. The seasonally operated Tussock station will revert to recording only meteorological data for the darkest portion of winter. All gas analyzers were calibrated, and communications equipment is now fine tuned for power savings during winter operation.

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Imnavait webcam repaired


A replacement webcam was installed at the Imnavait Cr. Ridge site after the previousunit failed in March. The angle and field of view are comparable, though slightly different, to those of the previous camera. Check back soon for an improved webcam archiving tool. Please visit here for more local image monitoring from nearby Toolik Field Station.

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Tussock Station at Imnavait Creek now operational


The Tussock station is up and running at Imnavait Creek. It is operating this season with an improved power system and will collect data until mid-October, when it enters hibernation for the winter.


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Winter site visits planned in Alaska


The UAF technician will be making periodic winter maintenance trips to the tower sites at Imnavait Creek. In mid-December the gas analyzers were calibrated and some communication upgrades were made.

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Imnavait Creek Communications System Upgrade


This fall, Roy Stehle and Martin Grill from SRI will be installing a new communications system at Imnavait Creek that will feature a basin-wide wireless network and satellite uplink. The satellite uplink station will be located at the entrance to Imnavait Creek and will be powered by a solar panel throughout the summer months and by a methanol fuel cell throughout the winter.

This system will support high-speed communications from the Ridge and the Fen eddy covariance stations and allow the real time calculation of carbon dioxide and water vapor fluxes from these sites. All of the data generated from these stations will be uploaded to the main AON-UAF/MBL server and posted to this website on a daily basis.

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