Renewable energy

At Imnavait Creek in Alaska, we currently rely on renewable energy sources to provide year-round power to our instruments and communication system.  Both wind and solar power are needed since no photovoltaic generation is possible for several months during winter. The power systems were designed by Polar Field Services and supplied by ABS Alaskan.  These systems were initially installed at both the Ridge and the Fen stations in 2007, and added to the Tussock site in 2012.  Each system consists of a wind generator, solar panels, a large battery array for power storage, and various charge controllers and monitoring devices.  At  the communications hub, a small methanol fuel cell is used in conjuction with solar and wind power to provide power for satellite data transmission.

At Pleistocene Park in Russia we are using generator power, with support from personnel from Northeast Science Station to fuel and maintain it.  The generator is located about 2km from the flux tower at the living quarters, and also supplies power there.  Electricity is transmitted overland on a small transmission line to the tower site.