Fall 2016 Data and Website Update

Updated Imnavait data is now available, processed up to Nov 2016. In May, we replaced all the Licors at Imnavait with closed path LI-7200 units. We are still running an open path methane analyzer at Wet Sedge site. Please contact us with any questions. Cherskiy data is available up to August 2016, when the system was disconnected. Unfortunately, this will be the end of the Russia site data collection for now. We hope that funding will become available to reinstate the project. The webcam galleries have been replaced, so that the most recent 24 hours is available. Please contact us if you wish to have access to older images. Or simply visit the Phenocam website and search for imcr--- sites. Click 'browse images' for historical data. https://phenocam.sr.unh.edu/webcam/gallery/