Collaborating people and organizations

Project Partners


 Our work is funded and supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.
CH2MHILL  CH2MHILL Polar Services has provided ongoing support, including implementation of the renewable energy systems in Alaska and logistics for our Russian sites.
Long Term Ecological Research  The Arctic component of the Long-Term Ecological Rearch project assists us with database development, data archival and metadata format.

 Marine Biological Laboratory is a key collaborating institution for this and many other Arctic ecosystems projects.

 The University of Michigan is also a collaborating institution investigating soil and stream hydrologic fluxes at Imnavait Cr.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
 The Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences has assisted with measurement of methane fluxes in Russia.
Stanford Research Institute  SRI International developed and maintains the communcations system used for data monitoring and retrieval at our Alaska sites.
Toolik Field Station

 Toolik Field Station has provided extensive logistical support for our Alaska projects.

Northeast Science Station

 The Northeast Science Station is our partner in Cherskiy, Russia, enabling the international scope of our work.