Collaborating people and organizations

Project Partners


 Our work is funded and supported by grants from the National Science Foundation.
CH2MHILL  Battelle Arctic Research Operations provides logistical and infrastructure support, including implementation of the renewable energy systems in Alaska and all logistics for our Russian sites.
Long Term Ecological Research  The Arctic Data Center archives our data and metadata.

 We contribute to the Ameriflux network (sites US-ICs, US-ICt, US-ICh).

 The University of Michigan is a collaborating institution investigating soil and stream hydrologic fluxes at Imnavait Creek

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
 The NOAA Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences has assisted with measurement of methane fluxes in Russia.
Stanford Research Institute  
Toolik Field Station

 Toolik Field Station has provided extensive logistical support for our Alaska projects.

Northeast Science Station

 The Northeast Science Station is our partner in Cherskiy, Russia, enabling the international scope of our work.