Imnavait Cr Datastream

There are two types of data collected at each flux tower.  High frequency eddy data are collected at 10Hz and low frequency meteorological data are stored as simple 30min means.  The results in about 75Mb of high frequency binary data and 16Kb of low frequency data collected daily.  This adds up to about 2.3GB of data each month from each tower.  Prior to 2011, we were able to retrieve low frequency data via telemetry each day, and the high freqency data was stored on compact flash onboard the datalogger.  Since then, SRI International has devised a communications network consisting of WLAN and a Hughesnet satellite uplink.  This enables us to retrieve both types of data on a daily basis, greatly improving data quality, conserving person-hours and reducing our project's carbon footprint.  The website interface to monitor the communications equipment can be found here.