PhD Opportunity at University of Alaska Fairbanks


PhD Student Assistantship Position Available- University of Alaska Fairbanks
A PhD position is available at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Department of Biology and Wildlife and Institute of Arctic Biology. We offer the exciting opportunity to focus on examining how fluxes of carbon, water, and energy in arctic tundra ecosystems are responding to climate warming and permafrost thaw. This position is part of a project funded by the National Science Foundation, ‘Collaborative Research: Carbon, Water, and Energy Balance of the Arctic Landscape at Flagship Observatories in Alaska and Siberia; Nearing a Tipping Point?’, with the overall goals of detecting climate change in the Arctic and its effects on global systems.
Duties will include assisting with: (1) data collection and analysis of micrometeorological measurements in tundra ecosystems in Alaska, which have been ongoing since 2007, (2) re-starting, improving, and adding companion measurements at sites near Cherskii, Siberia, and (3) plant biomass harvests at the Alaska sites. Field work will be based at the Toolik Field Station in northern Alaska, with additional travel to work at the North East Science Station in Cherskii, Russia.
The desired candidate will possess: (1) familiarity with eddy covariance flux data collection and associated sensors and data processing methodology, (2) strong personal communication and quantitative skills, (3) self- motivation, independence and the ability to work with minimal supervision, as well as ability and willingness to work with site investigators, and (4) excellent organizational, documentation, and writing skills. Required qualifications include a Bachelor's degree in biogeochemistry, Earth system science, atmospheric science, biometeorology, micrometeorology, or related fields; a Master’s degree in one of these fields is preferred. Significant experience in Arctic ecosystems, eddy flux systems and biogeochemical processes is also preferred. The candidate will also need to possess a valid U.S. driver's license at the start of fieldwork.
For more information about the position, please contact Dr. Eugénie Euskirchen, and Dr. Syndonia Bret-Harte, Applicants will need to apply to the Ph.D. program in the Department of Biology and Wildlife at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
The University of Alaska is an equal employment/affirmative action employer and educational institution. Women and minority candidates are encouraged to apply.

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2020 Data sets available

The datasets from Imnavait Creek are now processed and available for 2020. Click the 'Data Access' tab to download.
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2019 final data now available

After considerable delay getting the raw data, we have posted the 2019 datasets. If you are interested in 2020 data, please contact us.
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2017 Imnavait Cr data now available

Due to communication issues, we lacked new data until this month (May). 2017 data from January to May are now processed and available for download. Partitioned GPP and ER values have not yet been calculated, will appear on the next round of processing. Since communications are restored, we'll be posting data updates more regularly over the summer. **October: summer data is now available through Sept 23, including all 2017 methane fluxes from Fen. Please contact us with questions or data use guidance!
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