New versions of our data available on Ameriflux network

Newly filtered and post-processed versions of our Imnavait Cr flux datasets are now available for the entire period of record, downloadable from the Ameriflux network. These sites are US-ICs, US-ICt and US-ICh These data are also available on this website, in the data access menu, please choose ALL years (2007-2020 data currently available) Also by the end of 2021 we will be also archiving these data sets with the Arctic Data Center
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2020 Data sets available

The datasets from Imnavait Creek are now processed and available for 2020. Click the 'Data Access' tab to download.
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2019 final data now available

After considerable delay getting the raw data, we have posted the 2019 datasets. If you are interested in 2020 data, please contact us.
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2017 Imnavait Cr data now available

Due to communication issues, we lacked new data until this month (May). 2017 data from January to May are now processed and available for download. Partitioned GPP and ER values have not yet been calculated, will appear on the next round of processing. Since communications are restored, we'll be posting data updates more regularly over the summer. **October: summer data is now available through Sept 23, including all 2017 methane fluxes from Fen. Please contact us with questions or data use guidance!
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